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Lock N Load Beam Scale From Hornady

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Lock N Load Beam Scale From Hornady .

Product Description

Handloaders who prefer a traditional analog scale for powder measurement will love the Hornady Lock-N-Load Beam Scale This high tolerance scale is consistent to within 1 10th of a grain

Hornady Lock-N-Load Balance Beam Scale Cabela S.

Product Description

A Hornady Lock-N-Load Balance Beam Scale is great for handloaders who like traditional analog scales for powder measurement With its high tolerances it s consistent to within 1 10 of a grain The Hornady Lock-N-Load Balance Beam Scale can be precisely adjusted to balance the powder pan Measurements on the laser-etched beam are easy to read

Lock-N-Load Balance Beam Scale Hornady Lock-N-Load Beam .

Product Description

Hornady Lock-N-Load Beam Scale Ref Fabricant 050109 090255501094 Chargement qui pr f rent une chelle analogique traditionnelle pour la mesure de poudre vont adorer la balance Beam de Hornady Lock-N-Load Cette chelle haute tol rance correspond moins de 1 10e d un grain

Double Disk Kit - Lee Precision.

Product Description

Lee Double Disk Kit raises powder hopper permitting two disks to be stacked in powder measure Doubles the capacity also able to make very fine adjustments Disk A 30 to 43 cc Disk B 46 to 66 cc Disk C 71 to 1 02 cc Disk D 1 09 to 1 57 cc Click here to view parts

Lee Precision 90195 Auto Disk Powder Measure Double Disk Kit.

Product Description

The Lee Auto-Disk Powder Measure Double Disk Kit raises the hopper of the Lee Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure so reloaders can stack two disks This not only doubles the capacity of the disks but it makes very fine adjustments possible Most powders can be adjusted - 1 grain with different combinations of disks


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