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Hahn Precision Ar-15 M16 9mm Drop-In Conversion Blocks

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Hahn Precision Ar-15 M16 9mm Drop-In Conversion Blocks .

Product Description

One-piece machined aluminum block converts AR-15 lower receiver to 9mm Compatible with all Colt-type 9mm upper receivers the feed ramp is cut for reliable feeding with all types of ammo including hollow point and frangible ball Roller retention device holds block securely in receiver prevents accidental release

How To Convert An Ar-15 To 9mm Caliber - Gun Mann.

Product Description

How to Convert an AR-15 to 9mm Caliber The Hahn Precision AR-15 M16 9mm Drop-In Conversion Blocks are made in two versions depending on the direction of mounting the block to the lower receiver The Hahn one-piece Conversion Blocks are made from aluminum billet and are compatible with all Colt-type and modified UZI magazines

Ar-15 9mm Drop In Mag Well Blocks Top Bottom Load Comparison.

Product Description

The difference between Top load and Bottom load Hahn drop in 9mm Mag well blocks for turning an AR15 lower in 223 into one that can shoot 9mm My 2nd video

Ar-15 M16 9mm Drop-In Conversion Blocks Bottom-Loading 9mm .

Product Description

HAHN PRECISION AR-15 M16 9MM DROP-IN CONVERSION BLOCKS Bottom-Loading 9mm Conversion Block Traduction automatique Description - Fabricant Bloc en aluminium usin monobloc convertit AR-15 r cepteur inf rieur 9 mm Compatible avec tout de type Colt r cepteurs sup rieure de 9mm la rampe d alimentation est coup e pour une alimentation fiable avec tous les types de munitions y

Hahn Precision Dedicated 9mm Magwell Block - 9mmar.

Product Description

Designed for the professional with a dedicated 9mm weapon system The standard 5 56mm bolt hold open is utilized because of its superior strength over the 9mm version The adapter can only be removed at the Armorer s level once installed Holds open on last round with Colt type magazines Colt pattern system


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